A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Should I take any pictures after my car or motorcycle crash? YES!!!

We’ve had clients come in with pictures of their injuries, taken from the hospital bed, but guess what, they forgot to take cutaway shots, that show their face. So later on, the defense will perhaps suggest —in the hopes of swaying a gullible juror— that it wasn’t really the Plaintiff in the picture.

The same logic applies to pictures of the accident and to pictures of the vehicle. Some people will only take a close-up, without a cutaway that shows the car. Some clients frequently forget to get a good picture of their license plate (and the license plate of the car that hit them!), which of course is very important.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone with a decent camera these days. We suggest you use it! Take photos of the cars (close up and far away!), injuries, license plates, and the scene. Even video can be useful.

For a case of any size, we go and take videos of the scene right away to make sure that construction work or growing vegetation doesn’t destroy the scene as it was. Then we video an approach for both vehicles. This allows us put the Defendant on the stand and say, “Now Sir, do you agree that at the spot shown you are now 200 yards from the accident scene, and this is about what you saw?” When we are shooting the video, as we get closer we like to pan the camera towards the direction of the origin of our vehicle so we can say, “Now Sir, wasn’t this your view just before impact?”Of course, hopefully the jury will ask the next question in its own mind, “Why didn’t this person see the poor victim, since there was no obstruction of the view?”