Auto Accidents

Our legal team offer services in helping you recover financial compensation for bodily injury, property damage, lost income, and pain and suffering resulting from auto or motorcycle accidents

Whether you've been in a fender-bender or a major collision, we're here to help you!

When you've been hurt in a car or motorcycle accident, you don't want to get stuck with high medical bills. Our firm is here to help you maximize your financial recovery, and seek out compensation for someone else's negligence.
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Some insurance companies will add insult to injury. Hidden fees and clauses will often leave victims paying out of pocket to get their car repaired. We can advise you on getting your car repaired quickly, and getting you in a rental right away.
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One of the biggest differences between car accident laws and motorcycle accident laws has to do with a kind of insurance called Personal Injury Protection Insurance or “PIP.” Motorcycles usually do not have this type of insurance. This is insurance that a company pays without regard to fault. It used to be mandatory for all cars in Maryland, but the insurance companies lobbied to make it optional.
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When you have an accident with an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance, or police vehicle, you are in for extra problems. The most serious problem is that there are many statutes that state you can only sue an emergency vehicle for gross negligence.
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Suing the government is one of the trickiest aspects of accident lawyer’s duties. Believe it or not, some local jurisdictions and entities require notice within 90 days of the loss. This is another reason to hire a lawyer right away. There are differing rules for how to sue a town, how to sue a county, how to sue the state, and how to sue an unincorporated association. In addition, neighboring towns might have different rules.
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Getting into a car accident can turn into more than property damage and bodily injury claims. What happens when you're unable to work either due to injury or medical appointments? Learn about how we can recover your wages for you.
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