Property Damage

One of the most important things is getting you back your wheels! Our firm helps clients when their vehicles are damaged in an accident. Some insurance companies are prompt in offering “direct bill rental,” meaning they will put you in a rental car quickly at their expense. Many companies use Enterprise, which is convenient since Enterprise will pick you up from your home and take you to their location where you can do the paperwork and drive away.

Two dilemmas appear in almost all cases. The first is: Who is going to pay to get the car moved from storage? Understandably, the victim of another person’s negligence is reluctant to reach into his or her pocket to get the car moved. And if the car is an obvious total loss, where should it be moved? We know how to handle this problem, and will advise you on the best course of action. The last thing you want is to be paying storage fees after someone damages your car!

The second dilemma is: Should I fix it, and when? In the simple case, the negligent driver’s insurance company will provide a check and an estimate promptly. Many times, our clients feel the estimate is not high enough. In these cases, we arrange for a supplemental appraisal, since many repair items cannot be determined until the car is partially “torn down” to see the damage inside. But suppose the other driver has disappeared or refuses to report the accident to his insurance company. In those cases, we have to weigh the relative advantage of using our client’s own collision carrier and fixing the car. Frequently, before opting to follow this path as the best under the circumstances, we can get the negligent driver’s company to do a courtesy estimate, so the amount of damage will be fixed if and when the negligent driver steps forward.