Lost Income

How does lost income get recovered? If you have Maryland personal injury protection (or “PIP”). it will pay up to $2,500 in lost income and medical bills, without regard to which is presented first or which comes first.

One of the main reasons to hire a lawyer is to prevent the hospital or doctor from emptying your own insurance policy without your knowledge. Unfortunately, many medical practitioners seem to have more people on staff trained in emptying your insurance policy than trained in treating you. This is one of the reasons our firm works very closely to try to make sure that the doctor is not pocketing $2,500 of your money at a time when you need the personal injury protection to pay for your lost income.

The test for what you can recover for lost income is not the money you lost but the hours you missed from work. One of the reasons for this is the fact that if you are hard-working enough to get a job with sick pay benefits, that shouldn’t get the other side off the hook for paying you back if you use these benefits. This is known as the collateral source rule, meaning if you paid for your own insurance out of your pocket and thus have a collateral source to pay your bills, the negligent driver shouldn’t get a free ride. You should get the benefit. This makes sense because if you use your sick leave, or vacation leave, it means it’s not available to you for other times. For this reason, the test for what can be proved at trial is how much time you missed from work (not whether or not it was compensated). For this reason our lost income form is designed to elicit this information in the proper format.